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If BD is an altitude, it splits triangle ABC into 2 triangles.  It is also a median, so it splits the angle ABC into 2 congruent angles.  Angle ABD and CBD are congruent.  That means that angles A and C are congruent. This is true because the 2 angles at D are both right angles.  Because of this, side AB and side CB are congruent.  That means that this is an isosceles triangle.  

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Sine of x is used when to find the side of the triangle that does not have any right angle or is not a right triangle. This is according to the Law of Sines, which states that the sides of the triangle are to one another in the ratio as the sines of their opposite angles.

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= 13(1+2+3+....+13)=

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4 is the answer to your question

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