35/4 square meters by 7/2 meters


Answer 1
Answer: Area = 35/4  m²

Length = 7/2 m

Area =  length * width

35/4 =  7/2 * width

7/2 * width = 35/4

width = 35/4 ÷ 7/2

width = 35/4  × 2/7 = 5/2

Width = 5/2 m

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List the properties that all rectangles share

The lengths of three line segments are 4 centimeters, 5 centimeters, and 9 centimeters. Using this information, triangles can be constructed.



No triangles can be constructed

Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

The Triangle Inequality Theorem, states that the sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the length of the third side


In this problem

4+5>9------> is not true


No triangles can be constructed with the given side lengths

Well, technically yes. One can, but it would be a so-called "degenerate triangle".

-- The 4-cm and 5-cm sides are just exactly long enough to connect between the ends of the 9-cm side.  So they lie flat on top of it.

-- The angles at each end of the 9-cm side are both zero.

-- The angle at the vertex where the 4-cm side meets the 5-cm side is 180 degrees.

-- The sum of the angles in the triangle is 180 degrees.

-- The altitude of the triangle is zero.

-- The area of the triangle is zero.

-- When you look at the triangle, all you see is a 9-cm line segment.  The 4-cm and 5-cm line segments lie on top of it, so you don't see them.

-- You would say "There's no triangle there.".

Please explain.
Use properties to find the sum or product.


Ok, Josh! So, first, ask yourself, what are they asking?  They are asking to use properties to find the product, of course! Now, think of what you are doing out of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. That was easy. Addition! So you need to find the sum. Obviously that was the easy part. We need to add the smaller numbers first. So:
              27 + 11 = Y (Y will be the answer that you will find.
              Then you would add:
                Y + 89 = X (X = the final answer) 
I hope I helped! :D

A school orders 25 pizzas for a school event. Each pizza has 8 slices and there are 83 students at the school. If each student gets 2 slices of pizza, how many slices of pizza will remain and be available for the teachers?




Step-by-step explanation:

83 times 2 is 166

25 times 8 is 200

200 - 166 is 34

34 are leftover

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Of the dogs in a dog show, 1/12 were classified as belonging to the abound group. Of the dogs in the hound group, 3/10 of them were English foxhounds. What fraction of the dogs in the group were considered English foxhounds?


so 1/12 is houds
3/10 of the hounds is foxhounds

findn out of all is foxhounds
3/10 of hounds is foxhounds
3/10 of 1/12 is foxhounds

'of' means multiply
3/10 times 1/12=foxhounds
mulitply top and bottom together
3 times 1=3
10 times 12=120

fraction is 1/40 is foxhounds
37/60 would be your answer.

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A dekameter (or decameter) first needs to be translated into how many meters. deka means 10, so a dekameter must be 10 meters. So we then divide 250 by 10, and come up with 25 dekameters.

Which shows the GCF of 18 and 24 with 18/24 in the simplest form


It will be 6 because if you simplify both it will be six and will make it simplest form!
It is 6 because it is the greatest number that can be multiplied by another number and still get 18 and 24 as the answer