Ashamed of the cruelty of his military victories, this leader from northern India became a Buddhist and built hospitals, roads, and places of worship.Who does this describe?

A. Asoka

B. Mahinda

C. Qin Shi Huangdi

D. Confucius


Answer 1

The correct answer is option A - Asoka.

Asoka was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty. He reigned between 273 and 272 BC, which was one of the most prosperous periods of India.

He initiated a bloody and destructive campaign against the state of Kalinga, a state in the east coast of India.

After this battle, more than 100.000 people were killed, and houses were burnt.

When Asoka became aware of the great suffering he had caused, he vowed never to practice violence again and devoted himself completely to Buddhism.

Answer 2
Answer: Asoka. He was violent and cruel then after seeing too much violence and blood he became and Buddhist, built roads, hospitals and other things. He no longer ate meat. Didn't hunt, he was kind and peaceful.Then his own son became a Buddhist.

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