Solve the equation 4+0.3x=19


Answer 1
Answer: Step #1).  Subtract 4 from each side of the equation.

Step #2).  Divide each side by 0.3 .

At this point, be careful.  The answer will jump up off the paper
into your face.
Answer 2






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The profit is 75

Step-by-step explanation:

The price at which the shares were bought is:

31 (1)/(2)=31+(1)/(2) = 31.5

The price at which it will sell the shares is:

35 (1)/(4)=35+(1)/(4) = 35.25

The number of shares that will be sold is:


So the profit is:

Profit = n(35.25 - 31.5)\n\nProfit=20(3.75)\n\nProfit=75

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I would say 1 but I feel like that wouldn't help you and that's all I know, plus I don't want to look it up because of the policy. I wanna help tho, so that's all I'm gonna say (please don't get mad at me)
28 - 7x4, 2x14, 4x7, 14x2
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143 ÷ 11 =

Hope I Helped!!!


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if this is supposed to be a trick question, you can pick up candy if you drop it, and if he cut 7 in half, he still has 7, their just in halfs. so really, you just need to subtract 50 and 4, and you'll get 46.