In Western Europe, what city would you find at 53 degrees north and 0 degrees west


Answer 1
Answer: There's no city there.  That point is in a cultivated field in a large farming region of eastern England.  It's just east of the A52 highway (Sibsey Road), south of Boston Long Hedges, and west of Willoughby Hills Road.  The nearest towns ... all within about 4 miles ... are Frithville, Fishtoft Drove, Anton's Gowt, Frith Bank,  (I am not making this up), Frampton Fen, and Wyberton Fen.

If you were shooting for London, you missed it by about 100 miles.

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It’s 1)religion ............ 20 characters
1) Religion was given to serfs

Cities in both South and East Asia:A. have decreasing populations as people leave because of pollution

B. are located inland to provide protection from enemies.

c. have local flora and fauna that contribute to their widely varied

D. are very old, but have expanded and modernized.





d is definitely not the answer and neither is c. so I was left with a and b but b didn't sound right so if I'm correct its a.

Final answer:

Cities in South and East Asia are old but have modernized and expanded. The population trends vary from city to city, with some experiencing growth and others experiencing decline. The diverse cuisines in these cities are influenced by local flora and fauna.


Cities in both South and East Asia are very old, but have expanded and modernized. They are not defined by decreasing populations due to pollution, but rather they experience urbanization and migration trends that vary from city to city. For example, some cities may see population growth due to economic opportunities and urban development, while others may experience population decline as people move to more developed areas.

Additionally, cities in South and East Asia are known for their diverse cuisines, which are often influenced by local flora and fauna. The availability of different ingredients and culinary techniques contribute to the rich and varied cuisines found in these cities.

Overall, cities in South and East Asia are dynamic and ever-changing, with a mix of modern and traditional elements that reflect their historical background and ongoing development.

Learn more about Cities in South and East Asia here:


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