A particular frozen yogurt has 75 cal into ounces how many calories are in 8 ounces of the yogurt


Answer 1
Answer: I'm guessing you mean 75 calories in 2 ounces. 
In that case... you would do
75 / 2 = 37.5
37.5 x 8 = 300 calories in 8 ounces of yogurt

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Can you please explain for me?


hexagon (try it)

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PLZZZZ HELP!!! what is y = 2/3x - 6 in standard form









Step-by-step explanation:

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Devon wants to write an equation for a line that passes through 2 of the data points he has collected. The points are (8, 5) and (–12, –9). He writes the equation 7x – 10y = 3. Is this a good model? Explain your reasoning.


For this case we have the following equation:
 7x - 10y = 3
 From here, we must substitute ordered pairs of the form:
 (x, y)
 If the ordered pair satisfies the equation, then it belongs to the line.
 We have then:

 For (8, 5):
We substitute the following values:
 x = 8 y = 5 7 (8) - 10 (5) = 3 56 - 50 = 3 6 = 3
 We observe that the equation is not satisfied and therefore, this point does not belong to the line.
 Since one of the points does not belong to the line, then the equation is not a good model.

It is not a good model. One of the points does not belong to the line.

In a survey, 15 high school students said they could drive and 15 said they could not. Out of 60 college students surveyed, 30 said they could drive. Micah concluded that if someone is in college, that means the person is more likely to drive. Is Micah’s conclusion correct? Explain


No, Micah is not correct. Since there are equal numbers of people in each group who drive and who do not drive, the relative frequency for each is 50%. Because the relative frequencies are the same, there is no association between the variables.

Based on the survey figures by Micah of the college students who could drive, we can infer that Michah's conclusion is not correct.

Why is Michah not correct?

Out of 60 college students surveyed, only 30 said they could drive. This means that only 50% could drive:

= 30 / 60

= 50%

A 50% relative frequency is not good enough to make the conclusion that one is more likely to drive in college. Rather it means that they are equally likely to drive or not to drive.

Find out more on relative frequency at brainly.com/question/3857836.


At Southwest HS, the number of student in band is 1 3/4 times the number in orchestra. If 56 students are in orchestra, how many are in band?


It is important to take note of all the information's that are given in the question. It would be easy to solve the problem based on the information's given in the question.
Number of students in orchestra = 56
The number of students in band is = 1 3/4 times that are in orchestra
Total number of students in band = (7/4) * 56
                                                     = 7 * 14
                                                     = 98
So 98 students are there playing in the band. I hope the answer and the procedure is clear to you. In future you can use this procedure to solve similar kind of problems without requiring any help from outside.
56 students* (1 3/4)= 98 students.

There are 98 students in the band~

What is pie equal to?


π = 3.14
π = 3.141592653589793
Pi or π is equal to 3.14159265389......