What is the solution for this equation 13m-22=9m-6. This is a equation with variables on both sides


Answer 1
Answer: 13m-22=9m-6
Answer 2
Answer: 13m-22=9m-6
13m-9m=22-6  <-- integer signs change when it goes to the other side of the  equal to sign

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The correct answer choice is C. Our teacher said, "Read the poem. Then write a poem of your own." Every other answer choice contains errors in the capitalization of the first word of a sentence. The first letter of the first word of every sentence must be capitalized.

This isn't mathematics. You might want to check the subject before you ask a question.



Step-by-step explanation:

Use Capitalization, ....

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(7b )/(12) = 4.2 \ \ /*12 \n \n7b=4.2*12\n \n7b= 50.4 \ \ \/:7\n \n(7)/(7) \ b= (50.4 )/(7)\n \nb= 7.2

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You just do 12 * 9 and get 108 inches

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I believe your answer would be 3/4

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legnth are x and y

one is 16 more than other
x is 16 more than y

x=16+y therefor we can put 16+y for x
minus 16 both sides
divide by 2

sub back

the legnsh are
42 cm and 58cm

One piece is 66 cm and the other piece is 34 cm

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answered 4 questions. How many of the 15 questions remaining must Heidi correctly answer
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A. at least 10
B. at least 11
C. at least 12
D. at least 13


must correctly answer 80% of the questions
correctly answered questions = 26
incorrectly answered questions = 4
unanswered questions = 15

Total questions = 26 + 4 + 15 = 45

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