Name some ways in which whales differ from fishes


Answer 1
Answer: They are mammals, they breath air, and usually they are larger.
Answer 2
Answer: Whales breath air, they're a mammal, and they are larger than fish.

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Alcatuiti o compunere in care sa folositi predicate nominale si verbale in 15 randuri. Help me plzz!

Napisz sprawozdanie z wycieczki


Be the report of the tour its polish 

An essay on இக்கால பெண்களின் கல்வி நிலை


Can't read this sorry

La etnia,la cultura,la música,la comida típica,el vestuario,el patrimonio cultural de Santo Domingo



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Find out what this Says!! :D


Hello everyone! Minasanga

  I hope you're doing well

  If this happens in real life, please tell me, there are only a few times when you played a real role, and you did it in real life. ) I hope you enjoy these 50 points. ! It seems that I do these things every time I go to school. Everyone has a phantom thief, Sur-chan. So I saw one of your jobs that I wanted to say, "Welcome," so I'll take it north, and I said thank you: D - Jei (Kousui name)


こんにちは、Jeiさん!みんなさんがうまくやっていることを願っています。これを理解できたら、教えてください。あなたが翻訳者を使ったのは少し悲しいですが、実際にそれを尊敬しています:)この50ポイントを楽しんでいただければ幸いです!毎週水曜日にこれらを提供する予定です。誰でも回答できます!チャンスがあります。そして、私があなたの質問に1つ答えたのを見たら、ようこそと言います、そして私はそれを報告します、私はありがとうと答えました:D - ジェイ

English Translation:

Hello, Jei! I hope everyone is doing well. I would appreciate it if you could explain this. I'm a bit sad that you used a translator, but I actually respect that you did: ) I hope you enjoy these 50 points! I plan to provide these every Wednesday. Anyone can answer! There's a chance. And when I see that I've answered one of your questions, I'll say welcome, and I'll report it, and I'll say thank you: D - Jei




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a watermelon ? I think

Судьба человека рассказ Шолохова . Чем бы я хотел быть похожим на А.Соколова


Я хотел бы оставаться стойким, несгибаемым, преданным своей стране всегда, какие бы испытания меня не ждали. Я хотел бы, как и Андрей Соколов, сохранить доброе, отзывчивое сердце после всех пережитых им невзгод. Андрей Соколов - настоящий русский человек, таких, как он, я уважаю и хочу быть на него похожим.