10 POINTS !!! Why is it risky to build something whose natural frequency can be matched byexternal vibrations?


Answer 1

It is risky to build something whose natural frequency is matched with external vibrations because of  ;  The effect of resonance

When an object constructed has a natural frequency which is equal to the frequency of a nearby external vibration, the amplitude of the vibration of the object will increase due to the resonance effect which occurs because the external frequency matches up with the natural frequency of the constructed object.

The negative effect of resonance is the increase in the amplitude of the vibration of the object which might lead to the partial or complete collapse of the constructed object.

Hence we can conclude that It is risky to build something whose naturalfrequency is matched with external vibrations because of  ;  The effect of resonance

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Answer 2

Answer:Most objects have at least one natural frequency of vibration. If a nearby object vibrates at the same frequency, it can cause resonance. Resonance is an increase in amplitude of a vibration that occurs when external vibrations match an object's natural frequency.


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Prokaryotes, such as bacteria and archaea, lack a membrane-bound nucleus and other internal membrane-bound organelles, while eukaryotes, including animal, plant, and fungal cells, have a nucleus surrounded by a nuclear membrane and contain multiple internal membrane-bound organelles.

The main difference between Eukaryotes vs Prokaryotes pertains to their cell structure.

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As recently as 1996, the black-footed ferret, North America's only native ferret species, was listed as "extinct in the wild", with only captive individuals surviving in zoos and captive rearing programs. In 2002, 223 ferrets were released in Wyoming in an attempt to re-establish a wild population. Of these only 68 individuals survived the winter into 2003. By 2010, conservation biologists counted 760 ferrets, with an estimated annual growth rate of 0.35, one of the highest of any endangered species managed under the Endangered Species Act. The status of black-footed ferrets will be reevaluated and potentially downgraded from "critically endangered" to "endangered" once their population size exceeds 2000 individuals. Assuming no change to their annual growth rate in 2010, in what calendar year (in AD) would this occur?




Abstract. The black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) went extinct in the wild when the last 18 known ferrets were captured for a captive-breeding program. Following the success of the captive-breeding program, 146 genetically nonessential ferrets were released at the Conata Basin, South Dakota, from 1996 to 1999

Final answer:

The black-footed ferret population, assuming a constant growth rate of 0.35, would exceed 2000 in or around the year 2021. This is calculated using the formula of exponential growth and mathematical approximation.


The ferret population is growing at a consistent rate of 0.35 per year. This is a question of exponential growth, represented by the formula N(t) = N0 * e^rt, where:

  • N(t) = the amount of quantity at time t
  • N0 = initial quantity
  • r = growth rate
  • e = Euler's number
  • t = time (in years)

In this case, we want to find when N(t) = 2000, N0 = 760, and r = 0.35. We need to solve the equation 2000 = 760 * e^(0.35*t). Solving this equation for t gives approximately 11.03. Given the last count was in 2010, we add 11 to 2010, giving a year of 2021. Therefore, assuming no change in the annual growth rate, the population would exceed 2000 in around the year 2021.

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It cause for disasters like lost of crop which causes no food and starvation. It also causes farms to lose money and thus is limiting farming,the citizens,and even the economy .

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15 Points BrainliestWhich resource would be the best choice to learn more information about studying martial arts?

Dance studio
Local bait shop
Phone book
Public Golf Course


The best choice to learn more information about studying martial arts would be a martial arts school or a gym that offers martial arts classes, but as per the option, a dance studio is  a place where a brief can be gotten, thta is the first option

What is martial art?

Martial arts is a physical discipline that involves various combat techniques and is practiced for various reasons, such as self-defense, physical fitness, competition, and personal development. To learn more about studying martial arts, it would be best to seek information from a reliable source that specializes in offering martial arts training, such as a martial arts school, gym, or training center.

Hence, the best choice to learn more information about studying martial arts would be a martial arts school or a gym that offers martial arts classes, but as per the option, a dance studio is a place where a brief can be gotten.

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dance studio or phone book


if you can use the phone book to call, than the answer is phone book, if not, dance studio