A quadratic equation is shown:x2 - 14x + 41 = 0
Which of the following is the first correct step to write the above equation in the form (x - p)2 = 9, where p and q are integers?
x2 - 14x + 41 + 8 = 0 + 8
x2 - 14x + 41 + 9 = 0 + 9
x2 - 14x + 41 - 8 = 0 - 8
x2 – 14x + 41 - 9 = 0 - 9


Answer 1


The correct answer is the first option

Step-by-step explanation:

Quadratic Equation

The standard form of a quadratic equation is


Sometimes we need to change the expression of the same equation to the form


To accomplish that change, we usually modify the left-hand expression to make it look like the square of a binomial.

The given quadratic equation is


Recall the square of a binomial is


The first term is already present. The second term gives us the value of p:




Now we need to produce the third term p^2=49. We only have 41, thus we need to add 8 to both sides of the equation:


The correct answer is the first option

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1.488 divided by 2.1 rounded to nearest tenth


The answer should be 0.70

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An ordinary Regression model that treats the response Y is (a) True False, (w) True

What is Regression?

A statistical method called regression links a dependent variable to one or more independent (explanatory) variables.

A regression model can demonstrate whether changes in one or more of the explanatory variables are related to changes in the dependent variable.

A) Models for numerical response variable, like ANOVA and linear regression are special cases of GLMs

for these model the following holds

1. Random component has a normal distribution

2. Systematic component α+β₁x₁+β₂x₂+...........βₓxₓ

3. link function = identity (g(µ)=µ)

GLMs can generalise these models with response Y as normally distributed, hence the statement is True

B) With a GLM. Y does not need to have a normal distribution and one can model a function of the mean of Y instead of just the mean itself. but in order to get ML estimates the variance of Y must be small. This small variance of Y is the reason for ML estimator to be the best one. hence the statement is false.

An ordinary Regression model that treats the response Y is (a) True False, (w) True

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Please explain as well 4x+3y=24 6x+5y=346x+5y=34 x= y=



x = 9 y = -4

Step-by-step explanation:

4x + 3y = 24 . (-5) ------> -20x -15y = -120 (A)

6x + 5y = 34 . (3) -------> 18x + 15y = 102 (B)

(A) + (B) ----------> -2x = -18 ---------> x = 9

4.9 + 3y = 24

3y = 24 - 36

3y = -12

y = -4

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Please help on that excercise


Step-by-step explanation:

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